Risks for the Mother during a Twin Pregnancy

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Twin pregnancy is not just risky to the babies, but also to the mother. However, many of the risks to the mother are also risks to the unborn babies, since they can lead to premature labor, complications, or in the worst cases, fetal death. This article provides more details about such risks.

While some of the risks of twin pregnancy only pose a danger to the babies, some conditions impact the mother’s health. Aside from the physical strain and the emotional stress of carrying two, a mom of twins may be susceptible to complications. In some cases, she may be at an increased risk for common complications of pregnancy, or she may experience more severe symptoms due to the twin babies.

* Gestational Diabetes
Moms are more than twice as likely to experience gestational diabetes during their pregnancy with twins, probably because the increase in hormones produced by carrying an additional baby interferes with their body’s ability to process insulin. Often, it can be controlled with diet, but sometimes insulin must be administered. Babies of diabetic mothers are more likely to experience respiratory distress and other newborn complications. However, gestational diabetes is common even in singleton pregnancies, and treatment is well established and effective.

* Placenta Problems
Whether there is a single, shared or multiple placentas, mothers of twins are at greater risk for complications such as placenta previa and placenta abruptio. Problems affecting the placenta can result in dangerous complications for the mother, including hemorrhage during pregnancy or after delivery. Fortunately, careful monitoring can detect most problems long before they pose a severe risk.

* Heart Problems
Women who carry two or more fetuses are thirteen times more likely to experience heart failure. Their risk of having a heart attack during pregnancy is nearly quadrupled. The researchers attributed the increase to physiological stress, explaining that each additional fetus raises the level of cardiac output. It’s not known how doctors will incorporate these recent research results into their treatment of twin pregnancy.

* Preeclampsia
This is a condition that includes both high blood pressure and protein in the urine. Symptoms may include swelling, severe headache, and rapid weight gain. It is twice as likely to occur in mothers of twins. If left untreated, preeclampsia can lead to as toxemia. Toxemia causes seizures and can be life-threatening to the mother and unborn babies. While blood pressure medications and anticonvulsant medications may stabilize the mother in severe cases, so the baby can spend a little more time in the womb, the only cure for preeclampsia is delivery of the baby.

Preeclampsia affects one in three moms of multiples during their pregnancy. In some cases it is treated with bed rest or medications, but should always be closely monitored because of the potential for serious complications like kidney failure, seizures or stroke. The condition is directly tied to pregnancy; if the babies are delivered, the preeclampsia goes away, usually without any lingering effects.


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