How do I know if I’m Going to Get Twins

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The more babies, the more love and more happiness. So having twins is definitely a happy news for any family! Lot of our mothers would like to know whether they are going to get twins or not. There are few ways to figure out if you have conceived with twins.

Doppler Heartbeat Count
This is also a technology based on sound waves. It helps to amplify the heart sounds usually during the first 3 months we can make a sound judgment using this method. An experienced doctor can find out if there are more than one heartbeats going on. But be careful sometime the mother’s heartbeat can be interpreted mistakenly as the second hearth beat.

Elevated HCG Levels
In our previous articles also we mentioned HCG test is a way to find out if your are pregnant or not. In the case of twins being conceived, you may find the HCG levels even higher. This can be measured only at a medical laboratory. The peak levels can be found towards 10 weeks in to the pregnancy. So it makes sense to carry out an HCG check.

Abnormal AFP Test Results
AFP (Alphafetoprotein) test is usually carried out in the 2nd three months from conception. This is also known as maternal serum screening or triple marker screen. In addition to the twins/multiples this test will help to find out if there is a risk of child birth defects. If this test shows a high AFP level, the doctor will carry out an ultra sound scan.

Ultrasound Scan
The best way to find out if there are twins will be the ultra sound scan. This is a harmless technology that uses high frequency sound waves to get an image of the child in the womb. In most cases you will be able to see two or more babies being conceived. However there had been few cases where only 1 baby was detected while there were actually two. Especially this can be difficult if there are more than two babies.

Measuring Large for Gestational Age
Throughout the pregnancy, the doctor or midwife may measure the height of the uterine fundus (from the top of the pubic bone to the top of the uterus) as a way of indicating gestational age. A twin or multiple pregnancy may causes the mother’s uterus to expand beyond the range of a single pregnancy. However, other factors may also increase the measurements.

Weight Gain
Throughout your pregnancy period it will be useful to measure your weight. This will show you if there is an increased weight gain signaling more than one bundle of joy is going to join your family. However don’t get mislead by the weight you may gain by changing the eating habits. Mothers of twins only gain about 5kg more than mothers pregnant with only one baby.

Excessive Morning Sickness
About 50% of pregnant women experience some amount of vomiting or nausea associated with their pregnancy. Moms of multiples certainly aren’t exempt, but neither are they doomed to a double dose. Only about 15% of respondents in a poll on this site reported enhanced morning sickness symptoms as an indicator of their multiple pregnancies. Experiences vary widely — some do, some don’t.

Early/Frequent Fetal Movement
The first movement of the baby is definitely a moment that a mother becomes overjoyed. This will let her know the baby is active and going to be healthy. If there are multiples, you are likely to feel early or more frequent movements of the baby. For some women, recognizable feelings of movement occur earlier in subsequent pregnancies, whether there is one baby or more.

Extreme Fatigue
During pregnancy with multiples, Sleepiness, lethargy and exhaustion during the first trimester can be enhanced because the body is working overtime to nurture more than one baby. Sometimes the fatigue can be attributed to other factors (work, stress, poor nutrition, having other children), but it can also be an indication of multiples.

History/Hunches (Feeling that Comes in Mind)
While the other items in this list refer to some kind of visible evidence — exaggerated symptoms, abnormal test results, etc. — we can’t disregard the power of a mother’s intuition. A family history of multiples, or a powerful hunch can be convincing indicators. Follow up with your doctor about these feelings.

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