Great Day Out with Kids – Parks in Colombo

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Thanks god its friday! – goes the cliche statement. Are you cracking your brain trying to figure out what are you going to do with your curious and energetic kids? In face Colombo offers ample opportunities for you and your whole family to enjoy the times. Read the article to find out!!!

The park is the perfect place to set up play times with other like-minded parents. Even if you venture to the park on your own, chances are you will discover other caregivers to chat with as you safely watch your child interact and play with new friends on the playground. Even if your child is painfully shy, the park offers a non-threatening area where she can see how her peers play and interact. Before long, you might discover your toddler wandering over to the nearest child and engaging in the same activity.

Whatever the season, going to a park builds lifetime memories for you and your child. Put on bathing suits and head to your city park swimming pool on long, hot summer days. Pack a picnic to enjoy afterward and bring a blanket so your child can nap under the refreshing shade of a tree. Bring a ball and listen to the crisp sound of fallen leaves as you play catch amid the changing colors of fall. Bundle up your child and discover a winter wonderland.

Also there are some recently developed recreatinal areas in Colombo and suburbs which will give a great opportunity for your child to explore the environment and people around…

Some of the Interesting Parks in Colombo (tell us your favourite places too!!!)
Viharamaha Devi Park
Although a little crowded in weekends with lovers and other people hanging around, there is a section allocated for the kids to enjoy

Independence Square Green

Around one of the most important national monuments is one of the best hang around and picknick place for you and your child. Also, don’t forget to check out the “Independent Square Arcade” which will be a novel experience for your child

Galle Face Green
This is also a very popular hang around place but lately the dust and crowded nature seems to make it less suitable to go for a picnick

Diyatha Uyana
although much of picknicking is not seen here, you can of course show the environment of a wetland and surroundings of the area. BONUS: If you go on Thursdays there is a “Good Market” where a lot of interesting stalls can be seen

Nawala Urban Wet Land Park
This is also a new development which offers some sightings of local and migrating birds if you go there in dawn or dusk, also, there is a joging track and fountains which make an interesting place for the kids and adults alike. NOTE: No food allowed

Attidiya Bird Sanctuary
This is also another exciting place for your child. Along with several bird sightings, you can have the chance to drop by at Bellanwila Temple which is a highly respected temple in the country ()

Any other places you know? Tell us in comments section…


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