Are You a Busy Mom?

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Becoming a parent does not come with an instruction manual for all the things you will face. It is one of the most important and difficult things you can do. As a working parent you will have to face big problems with your kids. This article will help you for balance your life.

Work is now such a big part of our lives, that many parents feel they are in a constant juggling act, trying to balance work and family life – and doing neither as well as they’d like.

* What you feel
You might feel guilty about not being able to ‘be there’ or having the time to do the things they’d like to do with their children. In the mean time you are concerned about the security of your children. When the children are sick, your mind is with them, not at work! Also you are worrying about what others think of them when things go wrong. Because of all this you can become stressed which can throw the daily routine out before the workplace day even begins. It is not easy to manage when you feel pulled in both directions with competing pressures from work and meeting children’s needs.

* What you can do
It helps if you can plan and organize in advance how to manage time and look after yourself and your children. Where two parents are involved they need to talk about how responsibilities will be shared. Some things to think about:

What is the first priority?
Who does what tasks?
What plans are there for sick children/school events (who takes time off)?
Finding special time to spend with partner/friends
Making time for self/leisure activity
Making time for family being together
Giving special time to each child.
* Connection with children
It is important to look at ways to balance the workload within the family while taking into account the workplace commitments. Often one parent can feel it’s unfair and lop-sided. If you need alternative care for your children while you work, take time to choose a day care where your children have experiences that they enjoy. If you feel your children’s needs are being met you are less likely to feel anxious and guilty. However make sure that the day care facility is providing the safety and security to your children. Children have an ongoing need for ‘connection’ with parents. There is often a danger that children find they have to compete for your time and attention. Children equate ‘love’ with the ‘time and connection’ with parents – not just being told they are loved or being given material things. If we are serious about our parenting, then we need to give as much time as we can. The more positive experiences parents share with children, the better the relationship is likely to be.

* Some Helpful Tips
Hold Weekly Family Meetings: This can help to bond you all together and takes the matters straight in to discussion before they lead to some sort of a heated argument. You have the ability to express the ideas and challenges to your partner, who will be able to share some workload and be supportive to you. Also, you can bring in some nice food and beverage to the table to make it a very good connection/bonding time with your partner.

Maintain a running list on fridge for shopping and other errands: Fridge is probably the place you access the most while you take care of kids because of the food that is stored in it. Also, you will remember most of the missing items in kitchen/storage area while doing some work in kitchen. Make it a habit to go to the supermarket on a fixed day of the week, then you simply pick the list and go to shopping, opening a new page for next week shopping on fridge. Also, you can use a smart phone app to create these lists if you have one and tech savvy.

Invest Sunday Evenings as preparation for coming week: Make sure to press your clothes, put the socks and shoes back in racks, make a small weekly plan, check the diary for any important events (birthdays of family/friends/colleagues, weddings and functions) etc. This will help tons in managing the weekly flow in middle of all the chaos brought in by the children in to your life.


ඔබට ඇති වෛද්‍ය ගැටළු මෙම පිටුවේ අසන්න අමතක කරන්න එපා: Ask a Doctor වෛද්‍ය වරයාගෙන් අසන්න | මෙහි ක්ලික් කරන්න


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